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SOMS lecture series ++ Linux for Newbies

April 7, 2009

SOMS is going to start its lecture series (SLS) by introducing Linux to it members and to all those who are linux-for-newbiesinterested in Linux. So all those who want to get involved into learning Open Mobile Technology its time to register with us. As LINUX is considered as a TICKET to the land of FOSS community (Free and Open Source Softwares) we are arranging SOMS SLS first lecture on “Introducing Linux to Newbies“. The aim of the lecture is to familiar SOMSians with the Open source development by show casing; FOSS ever favorite Linux distro that is UBUNTU. As the OpenMoko Linux is the similar variant of Ubuntu distribution, we think it’s better to get yourself familiarize with Linux before digging into OpenMoko internals. We’ve invited guest speaker Ahmad Jawad, Cheif Technical Officer of our supporting partner Cogilent Solutions. He’s a Linux consultant and Certified in Information System Security Professional (CISSP). He’ll highlight Linux internals along with a side by side demo.

Speaker: Jawad Ahmad CTO Cogilent Solutions
Supporting partner: Cogilent Solutions (

Lecture Outline:
The lecture will be all about Linux distribution UBUNTU. The speaker will cover the following areas as listed hereunder:-
1- Comparison with Windows and Mac
interms of user experience, freedom of writing application/softwares, accessibility and other factors that differentiate linux from other operating systems
2- Architecture
The building blocks of Linux like Kernel, X windowing system, bootloader and other utilities

3- Ready, Get, Set…
Tip/Tricks and approaches to learn linux

4- Navigating in Linux
how to get around inside Linux is the first step towards Linux mastery

5- File system

6- GUI X windowing system
Graphical user interface of Lnux, X window manger, GNOME, KDE

7- Basic commands
8- Shell scripting

9- Programming

10- Installing packages from source code and configuration
apt-get, and ./configure, make, make install triangle

11- Networking
Setting up a network, ppp (connection over the phone), remote access to your computer, ftp and html server, e-mail, how my computer can get hacked ..

12- Distributions and lot more…

He’ll also talk about the future of Linux and Open source softwares and how the industry is switching gears from close worlds to open source world (FOSS community).

Get register @:
First 10 student how will registered for the event will recieve a Ubuntu CD at the end of the seminar.

The lecture is mandatory for SOMSians but the the event is open for all any student and faculty member can attend.

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