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This is M Qasim Ali, who is very passionate about mobile related technologies, software frameworks, hardware platforms and handheld devices. As far as my education is concerned; so my majors are in telecommunications. Currently I’m doing, BICSE – Bachelors in Information and Communication System Engineering from a one of the daughter campuses of a reputable university NUST that is School of Electrical Engineering and Computer SciencesSEECS formally NUST Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan. You can visit my uni portal at

At my university, I’ve created a group named SOMS “SEECS Open Mobile Squad” which consists of 25 students who are also ambitious in learning mobile technology just like me ranging from diverse departments like IT, Elctronics, Electrical, Software n Communication systems. You can track squad’s activities by facebook page;

Now days, I’m negotiating with my DG Dr. Arhsad Ali to establish an “Open Mobile Lab” where me and my team can start RnD on Mobile platform and devices. I’ve worked with a couple of open mobile platform like Openmoko’s Om2007.2, Trolltech’s Qtopia phone, Google’s Android framework and other. By looking at such a passion and dedication in this domain my chancellor has sponsored us Hardware platform of our choice that are the Openmoko’s open mobile kits.

I love to attend the open discussions on entrepreneurship organized by “SI” Startup Insiders. The SI team itself consists of entrepreneurs and they call other guest CEO of startup companies according to the topic of discussion. This forum provides a wonderful opportunity for youngster who wants to take entrepreneurship as their career. The discussion is open for all and anyone can ask any question to the guest panel and the panel shares their thoughts in the light of their experiences which are very worthy. In the networking session you can discuss your idea with different CEO or entrepreneurs and so got angel investors and idea promoters. That’s fun!

My Final year project is on VoWiFi. In simple I’m going to “Implement Mobile VOIP over Wi-Fi mesh network” which is relatively a new concept and is concerned to be the next big thing in Wireless communications.

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  1. June 30, 2008 6:43 AM


    I’m writing wrt you article titled, ‘Why Openmoko’
    Unlike other articles on us, yours is easy to read, and very comprehensible.
    Thank you very much.
    I noticed that the Openmoko SW stack you used is quite out of date.
    Would you be willing to update that?
    I can provide you a file by email, or you can download it here:

    Or drop me an email if you have any issues.

    Best Regards,

  2. February 16, 2009 2:38 PM


    It’s nice to see research groups in Pakistan working on cutting edge mobile platforms. We, at Security Engineering Research Group (led by Dr. Masoom Alam) are also working on Openmoko — but we focus on the security aspects of the platform. Great web presence you have here 🙂

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