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Open vs. Close mobile eco-system

March 8, 2009

The real open mobile technology, the one coined by OpenMoko.Inc is more oriented towards developers rather that consumers. The first and the only phone with Open source hardware. Comparing it with stylish iPhone (which looks cool and sexier than any phone on the surface of earth) which provides high level of customization only for consumers… so for layman but limited customization for developers … meaning nothing for geeks. On the other hand, Openmoko provides unlimited customization right from the bottom of the stack up to application level.  So the consumer got the idea of the every bit n inch of his phone. Though the hardware specs are the same on both the platform but this freedom that openmoko provides forces me o say “Openmoko is an iPhone killer”

“End user freedom is our passion. Apple is about giving you an incredibly polished experience—exactly how they want you to have it. The end user really has no freedom. They cannot change the device if they dont like the way Apple choose to make things. OpenMoko is the anti-iPhone.“

OpenMoko as a movement to create an open platform that empowers customers to personalize their phone—much like a computer—in any way they see fit.

Right now the problem in software is that every region and zone, people have their own culture and a big companies can’t fulfill all situations all by themselves. Opening  the stack mean pushing the personalization limits far away then anybody’s’ imagination.

Developers can port any idea,technology and share the fruits with the entire FOSS community.

On the other hands, If you wanna port any package on to your phone you can do this and end up saying “I wish they had done it” no control

An other aspect that differentiate openmoko from other players is that are providing system tools those tools like toolchains that they use in Openmoko Inc for building system services. That is the reason, just after its release Trolltech’s Qtopia, Debian, Ubuntu Linux and even Google’s Android has been successfully ported on openmoko. iPhone won’t let you to do so, not even Plam pre not even Nokia symbian and others. Nokia will release Symbian Open source in 2010. once release I’m sure that will also be ported to openmoko. So virtually any MobileOS having its’ root based on linux, can run on openmoko.


Now let’s discuss the 2 nation theory as depicted in the above figure.

In the proprietary world of mobiles everything thing is locked by every stakeholder chip maker, mobile vendors, mobile operators and OS developers. To use the phone you have to buy the license later if you build any application you have to get the license even for personal use. isn’t that funny :). Every no and then the vendors release their mobile phone with a little modification or change in software and you buy there phone and then they repeat that again to follow their business model release and we’ve no other option other than buying dumb terminals again and again. In simple we are buying a phone but not a permission to use the firmware inside which is locked.

“iPhone is just a golden cage with excellent capabilities locked inside. On the other side Openmoko, though not stylish right now but a lot of excellent features reside in their devices with a capability to virtually do anything”

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